Lawn Maintenance McKinney TX

From Our Customers

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with the demands of your lawn, Emerald Lawn Services can restore your yard and bring it back to perfection. Our lawn maintenance in McKinney is the absolute best around, and we pride ourselves on a team of professional staff, the highest quality equipment and detailed lawn maintenance. With both weekly and bi-weekly service plans, our company offers comprehensive packages that are suitable for residential and commercial landscaping needs.


Emerald Lawn Services understands how time-consuming it can be to take care of a lawn, especially if you live in an area that receives a lot of leaves during the fall and winter months, as well as moisture and rain during the spring and summer. Our weekly and bi-weekly packages include regular trimming, mowing, edging and power blowing that are carried out to perfection. We also provide all-inclusive services such as bed maintenance, fall and winter cleaning and lawn fertilization. With our McKinney lawn maintenance, you can finally do away with the tedious tasks of lawn care without letting your yard suffer.


Our company is family owned, so we treat our jobs as if they were our own. We use the best equipment that is regularly serviced and cleaned so that it can operate at its fullest capacity. Our mower blades for example, are sharpened each morning so that they leave the closest cut possible. It’s not just the service we’re proud of, but also the professionalism of our lawn maintenance in McKinney. Our staff returns calls within 24 hours and handles all issues promptly. We want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied with our service, and we do everything to ensure this happens.


Emerald Lawn Services may not have the lowest prices, but that’s because we offer the very best services. Our prices are consistent with the level of quality we offer and are always upfront and honest. We encourage you to check out the various offers we provide to customers such as referral bonuses and savings discounts when you pay in full for the year. For a free quote, contact our McKinney lawn maintenance today.